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You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

James Clear

Nolo Apps empowers operators - like you - to embrace agile operations. We design, build and onboard teams to custom apps that integrate to existing tech stacks.  Airtable is the platform that makes it possible.

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

James Clear

Scaling your brand from 7 to 8 and 9 figures requires you to constantly adapt your operation. We help brands - like you - tackle complex challenges with small, simple solutions. Launch, build and iterate.  Do more, faster without the dependence on your software vendors for innovation or roadmapped features.

Brands with AMBITIONS

Operators building custom systems

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We needed a way out of our Excel nightmare - that's Airtable.

Katy Wood, Head of Supply Chain



Airtable has been great. Implemented quickly with no time wasted.

Orlagh McCloskey, Co-Founder



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Nolo Apps are not another software vendor, they're part of my team.

Joe Simms, CTO

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Airtable will become the interface for everyone, THE HOLISTIC ERP.

Christoph Hermann, Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer

Nolo X Jaded London


We went with Airtable because it's visually appealing - the team actually like to use it.

Paula Cummings, CEO

Meet complexity with simple, agile SYSTEMS

Goodbye fixed systems, hello custom apps

Anything operational is a living and breathing solution. The mark of a great operating system is an ability to adapt it as you evolve your strategic capabilities.

The old way is broken
You shouldn't need to buy something with an acronym everytime you need to fix a problem. Incremental wins > taking big bang risks.
There is nothing worse than tech projects dragging on. Everything depends on a few people and can quickly feel out of your control.
Big projects don't deliver
"It's on the roadmap"
Your own uniqueness is what makes your business great, but it feels like it is what makes software suck. Why are critical things always missing?
Google Sheets and Excel files grow arms and legs to fill the gaps.  Productivity and collaboration apps like Miro and Asana become the place we get clarity.
The Dark Stack gets out of control
Fragmented Systems
The siloed efforts at productivity fragment  systems, duplicate data and undermine your investments in technology.
People think they’ve found a smart, easy way to get their job done but do not realise how much of a negative effect that is having on the rest of the biz.
People, Systems and Data are in disarray.

“'Why isn't back-end software like Shopify? Why must we put up with clunky, rigid and flawed software?"

Empower & Enable

The legacy, set it and forget it mindset is failing brands, founders and operators. With or without you, Operators will find technology they can leverage to be more productive. In the face of these challenges, the questions that loom large are:

How can we empower our people to build their processes without losing sight of them in the Dark Stack?

Instead of treating software as a box-ticking exercise for IT, how can we apply first principles and think process first?

How do we break the cycle of legacy tech without people going rogue and doing it all themselves?

Build, launch, iterate

Illuminate the


Let's cut to the chase: understanding where you're at is step one.

The Dark Stack—your data mess spread across Sheets, Excel, Slack, and other tools—needs untangling. Knowing the state of this chaos and your process maturity is our starting block for change.
A collaborative brief will include context, problems and our diagnosis.

Design for


Let's dive in: we'll check out your tech, tackle your challenges, and line up your goals. Then, we craft a kick-off plan just for you.

Got a solid plan or a familiar use case? Boom, you're on the fast track to Airtable.

If things get tricky or you're not quite sure what you need, no sweat—we'll whip up prototypes to clear the fog and get you decision-ready.

Launch in


Forget the endless waterfall slog—slow, tangled, and going nowhere fast. You're all in for speed, and that's exactly what you'll get.

Welcome to agile ops, where we build fast, launch, listen, and refine.

This rapid-fire cycle? It's your new engine for change.

Let's do this.

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