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Unstick your tech stack and join the Nolo Revolution.

Shopify Automation

Ecommerce Workflow on Auto-Pilot

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Raise Purchase Orders, lower admin.

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Commercial Planner

Good bye siloes, hello alignment.

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Spotted a gap? Let's build an App.

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Transfer Orders

Retail store replenishments for Shopify POS.

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Product Master

The source and the truth for products.

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Commercial Planner

Company-Wide Planning & Collaboration.

With product data in Product Master, you can plan your Marketing campaign using it in real-time. Managing Marketing calendars, schedules and tasks is a core use case for Airtable and the goal of this app is to enable company-wide collaboration on your product go-to-market planning and execution.

Campaign Name

The Nolo Revolution

Campaign Type

🌟 Hero Products

📣 Loud

Campaign Description

Nolo Apps is the knowledge and framework for brands to build powerful systems. Airtable is the platform. This campaign announces Nolo as the partner for brands with ambitions and Airtable as the platform for building their systems.

Campaign Products

Product Master



Shopify Automation

Commercial Overview

All numbers are illustrative of what's possible on this app; don't read into them too much.

Total Potential Revenue


Total Landed Cost


Total Marketing Budget


Total Potential Net Margin



Asana / Monday
Google Sheets / Excel

Works best with

Product and inbound
Purchase Order info.


Fewer, better meetings
Clarity on the commercial plan

Launch Time:  1-2 Weeks


- Everything is connected to product
- Align everyone around product

Prevents need for

- PLM (too complex and slow)
- ERP (not built for managing data)


- A Google Sheets / Excel spreadsheet empire of disconnected data
- Copy-pasting between documents


- Launch in 4 weeks
‍- Typically eliminates 4-12 Excel/Sheets

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