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Visionary operators go beyond the status quo.

The Leveraged Operator.

In just a year and a half, we've welcomed over 250 operators from standout brands like Jaded London, RIXO, CRTZ, and Waterdrop into the world of custom Airtable apps. Our mission? To revolutionize their operations—making them more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable. The secret sauce? A tailor-made approach that respects the unique needs of their people, data, and existing tech setup.

We find ourselves in close collaboration with operators at product-driven brands, especially those navigating the waters of £5M to £200M in revenue. They're with us in the conviction that no/low code platforms can sharpen their operational efficiency. Many came to us with a clear vision but were seeking a partner to lift the weight of realisation from their shoulders.

The idea of using Airtable to address Ecommerce's most pressing challenges wasn't originally ours. We took our cue from the pioneers, embarking on our own journey of discovery. What we found was nothing short of inspirational, compelling us to establish Nolo Apps. Today, we're at the forefront, championing Airtable's integration into Ecommerce operations.

Streamline Your Tech, Perfect Your Product

Overly complex or unmanaged tech just distracts from the real goal: refining and delivering great products. True mastery comes from a deep understanding of your development cycle, keeping everyone aligned and focused on continuous improvement. That's the essence of innovation.

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Operators are siloed, working in their functional teams treating symptoms not root causes. Progress is slow, opportunities get missed and operational mistakes cost time and money. It's easy to get out of sync on the execution of your product go-to-market strategy.

Automation creates leverage

Get tech wrong, and it's a headache: wrong orders from SKU mix-ups, pricing errors tanking your ratings. Done right? It's your secret weapon: one person with the output of three, products launched in minutes, not hours—no more tedious copy-pasting.

Admin Mistakes

Accuracy of Data

Automation in action

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For many brands, assembling a full tech team for big projects just isn't feasible and feels outdated.
Enter Airtable: the ideal compromise. It evolves with your team and processes, offering a user-friendly platform that operators can easily manage.

Smart, structured data & workflows

Behind the scenes, Airtable is an automated filing cabinet, linking and organising your data. This setup cuts out duplicates, prevents rework, and stops SKU mix-ups in their tracks. By anchoring your workflows and data, it minimises risks, shielding your team from costly mistakes.

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For the empowered Operator (turned Airtable Builder), it's an opportunity to go far beyond personal productivity gains - shared productivity creates meaningful competitive advantages. Automate, customise and simplify workflows and become a change maker inside your brand.

Every brand needs a champion

Your drive to accelerate is constantly met with the drag of 'it's on the roadmap' excuses. The dread of being boxed in overshadows the challenge of system ownership. Yet, it's visionaries like you—our Airtable Champions—who are the true force behind every success at Nolo Apps.



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Go agile with Nolo Apps: Start streamlined, then iterate. Forget big, bulky projects. It's the NOLO REVOLUTION—build small, think big, move fast.

Oliver Rhodes

Co-Founder, Nolo Apps